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The landscape and nature in Germany are incredible. Nowadays, nature is one of the best places to spend your free time. It seems to have a new meaning since the coronavirus pandemic.

Lately, the concept of going to the surrounding areas of nature and experiencing beautiful local landscapes has become a part of everyday life. The effects of these activities on people’s wellbeing can be clearly seen, especially during this time. We become more mindful and go more within ourselves.

Discover the beauty and refreshing possibilities, especially now after experiencing multiple lockdowns we have all experienced. The great feeling of being outside in nature makes you feel alive again with every breath of fresh air. Germany has many beautiful natural places that are suitable for this.

Saxon Switzerland is known for its rock formations, gorges and caves. The Blautopfsee is known to be located in a rocky mountain range with a widely ramified cave system. The Lüneburg Heath is known for its millions of flowers that cover the landscape. They bloom from August to September. The chalk cliffs on Rügen are the most famous feature of the Baltic Sea island.

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The Lange Anna on Heligoland is a popular tourist destination. The Triberg waterfalls are known to be the highest in Germany and particularly impressive during the meltwater season. The Wadden Sea is known as a true natural wonder and the cold water geyser in Andernach has beautiful water fountains that shoot out of the ground.

The Enchanted Fairy Grottoes are known for their underground chambers that have been turned into stalactite caves. The Saar loop near Mettlach offers an unforgettable experience of nature.

Now is the time to discover one of these German natural landscapes and book your vacation there to really experience the tranquility and beauty of nature. These beautiful places are increasingly attractive. You will surely feel more energetic when you are outside in the presence of nature.